Attack of the Drones: Drone Videotaping Mans Property in Middle of Night Crashes in Yard

RIGHTON, Colo. (CBS4)- A drone crashed into a Brighton man's backyard and now the homeowner wants answers.

George Ray said the drone had a GoPro camera mounted on it and was videotaping over his propertylocated off Interstate 76 near 136th Ave. early this morning.

Seeking Lost Shamanic Traditions in Norse Germanic Paganism

I've been looking into my pre-Christian roots and exploring the lost traditions of Germanic Paganism. I found that a lot of "Shamanism" tends to shy away from Norse traditions and I want to change that up and show that old lost traditions of Northern European cultures have all of that same stuff and even more. We break past the Abrahamic Trio's clutches of spiritual suppression and begin the journey into future vlogs that will explore this subject deeper.

Super Genius: How to Commune with Nature / Dr Walter Russell Quote and Thoughts

"Tiredness and fatigue are effects caused by ignorance of nature and disobedience to her exhonerable law. You may command nature to the only extent only in which you are willing to obey her. You cannot intelligently obey that which you do not understand or comprehend. Therefore, I also say ask of nature so that you may be one with her and she will whisper her secrets to you to the extent in which you are prepared to listen. Seek to be alone as much to commune with nature and be thus inspired by mighty whisperings from within your consciousness. Nature is a most jealous god for she will not whisper her revelations to you unless you are absolutely alone with her." - Dr Walter Russell


Beyond Mercury Retrograde SYNCH and Strength.. July 2014

For you my friends... I know how this Mercury Retrograde has been for you. All is good... all is well - You'll see what it was about for your growth and evolution. It's been a good opportunity to seek within and understand a little more, so if the edges of life are cutting right now, and the issues and problems are high it'll probably settle down within a few days...

Rediscovering and Uncovering Esoteric Northern European Magick + Shamanic-Like Traditions

Lets ask honest questions and ask what happened to some of the most important old Northern European traditions, why were they lost, and why are they still suppressed? You maybe thinking that it has not been lost or that there's nothing there because modern society teaches people that those old white traditions stem from something evil destroyed by the Church and that all forms of shamanism are only to non-white cultures. What was lost to pre-Christianity? Why is it continued to be allowed to erode when other cultures are lifted to the stars these days? And if you're against this blatent racism, then you're called a racist! Is there something bigger going on that was designed long ago that's being used on all the world people's today for globalist agendas?



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